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‘The Perfection’ Premiere at Fantastic Fest

‘The Perfection’ Premiere at Fantastic Fest

A few days ago, Allison’s new film ‘The Perfection premiered at the Fantastic Fest and from the comments I’ve read online, everyone has loved the film and praised the performances of Allison and her co-star, Logan Browning. I’ve added some photos of the premiere as well as the first promotional still of the film.

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While we don’t have a trailer yet, we have discovered some new information about the plot of the film. Here is the main plot of the film and beneath the cut, you will find some reviews of the film. Let’s hope the films gets distribution soon.

10 years after abandoning her life as a cello prodigy to care for her ailing mother, Charlotte (Allison WilliamsGirls, Get Out) seeks out her mentor Anton (Steven Weber) and his new star pupil Lizzie (Logan BrowningDear White People) in order to witness the life she gave up. Once there, a twisted (and I mean twisted) plan is set in motion that will push all parties involved to their absolute limits.

Fantastic Fest: Allison Williams is using her celebrity image to create screwed up characters

“What’s really fun about being an actor in 2018 is that it’s [suddenly] a meta-profession,” Allison Williams remarked over the weekend at Fantastic Fest. And Williams is no stranger to the self-referential in her work, having begun her acting career by playing a character on Girls that many people assumed contained more than traces of Williams’ real personality.

Williams made the observation while sitting next to director Richard Shepard as the pair sat with a few reporters in Austin to break down their new grindhouse thriller The Perfection, which celebrated its world premiere over the weekend. The film is an intricately plotted, non-linear, gore-filled thrill ride that challenges audiences to rethink its characters several times over its 90-minute runtime.


‘The Perfection’ Delivers Twisted, Shocking and Hilarious Perfection

Both Williams and Browning are stupendous here. Browning, so talented in Netflix’s Dear White People, imbues Lizzie with a magnetic combination of innocence and rebelliousness before her life gets turned upside down. She makes the perfect foil for Williams, who is the MVP here. Her Charlotte is such a complex character that simply labeling her the villain of the film would be a disservice. Williams is making use of her association with the privileged rich girl persona she channeled in girls by choosing very layered and devious characters. If her goal is to not be typecast as a “Marnie,” then roles like Get Out‘s Rose and The Perfection‘s Charlotte will most definitely aid her in doing so. Though Rose was still a privileged rich girl, she was able to convey a sense of menace, but it was only really touched upon in a few scenes of that film. The Perfection really allows her to go off the rails. It’s a fascinating performance and incredibly compelling. Weber is equally strong in his role as the girls’ mentor, but to say much more about his performance would go into spoiler territory.


‘The Perfection’ Review: A Maniacally Crafted Composition Strikes a Crucial Chord

Williams shines as a fragmented Charlotte and delivers a perfect follow-up performance from her sinister white supremacist role in Get Out. She has a natural ability to tease audiences and carve out multi-layered character complexities, a skillful artist of performance juxtaposition in her own right. Browning also delivers a captivating performance as both a foil to Williams’ character and a complement. Their dynamic fluctuates at a rhythmic pacing with intense highs and lows on par with the elaborate compositions they master on the cello. It also should be noted that both actresses took lessons in order to play the melodies themselves on screen.


‘The Perfection’ Review: A Masterful Work of Tension and Brutality

Veteran TV director Richard Shepard — whose credits range from Girls to Criminal Minds to 30 Rock — has delivered the kind of movie that sticks with you. You remember Allison Williams‘ dynamic and confident performance as Charlotte, a young woman who, a former world-class cellist who was forced to put her dreams on hold to care for her ailing mother. When we meet Charlotte, her mother lies freshly dead in her bed. Elsewhere, two family members wonder within earshot of the audience what Charlotte will do now that she’s regained personal freedom. And when we watch her reunite with her longtime mentor Anton (played by Steven Weber) and his new protege Lizzie, played by the super-magnetic Logan Browning.



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