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Press Archive



February 2017
USA Today
'Girls' stars talk taboos, legacy on eve of final season premiere
February 2017
LA Times
How Allison Williams mined the horrors of white privilege for 'Get Out'
March 2017
Boy Meets Girl
February 2017
L'Officiel Germany
February 2017
The Hollywood Reporter
Gone, Girls
January 2017
Glamour US
In Girls We Trust
March 2017
Girl on Film
February 2017
Why Allison Williams Thinks ‘Girls’ Deserves More Respect
March 2017
The Good Girl


January 2016
Entertainment Weekly
Lena Dunham on the End of Girls, Her New Book, and the Legacy of “Unlikeable” Women
March 2016
Vogue US
Allison Williams Talks Taking the Lead on Girls
March 2016
Modern Luxury
The Real Girl


January 2015
Entertainment Weekly
A night out with Lena Dunham and her 'Girls'



January 2013
USA Today
'Girls' stars stick together


September 2012
British Vogue
Girls’ World
April 2012
Glamour US
Meet the Girls From HBO's Girls (You're Going to Love This Show!)
March 2012
The New York Times
Cable’s New Pack of Girls, Trying on the Woman Thing
April 2012
Newsflash: Allison Williams Has Arrived