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New Design at Allison Williams Web

New Design at Allison Williams Web

As you can see we have a new beautiful look! Since news about Allison have been slow, I’ve taken this time to update the website and add more content, and it seemed like the perfect timing for a change. The gorgeous header was designed by the talented Carmen and the theme by Monica.

This version features some of my favorite photoshoots of Allison, which you can check out before! Hope you all love this new look as much as I do and stay tuned for more updates!

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First Look of Allison in “A Serious of Unfortunate Events”

First Look of Allison in “A Serious of Unfortunate Events”

Entertainment Weekly released today the first look at the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events which will premiere next year. Allison is officially confirmed to play Kit Snicket and developer, Barry Sonnenfeld talked a bit more about her character.

The season 2 finale introduced Allison Williams as Lemony Snicket’s (Patrick Warburton) sister, Kit, and viewers can obviously expect her to cross paths with the Baudelaires in the final season.

“She plays a bigger role in the show than she did in the books,” says Sonnenfeld, who cast the Girls actress in the role after running into her in a British Airways lounge a year ago. “I just looked at her and I thought, ‘She’s Kit!’ She’s sporty, she’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s self-confident, and she’s beautiful, which are all the attributes Kit has.” 

Furthermore, Jacques Snicket’s (Nathan Fillion) cab, which you can see in the image, will also have a bigger presence in the final season. “The cab becomes sort of a minor character in our show,” Sonnenfeld says. 

Entertainment Weekly

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‘The Perfection’ Premiere at Fantastic Fest

‘The Perfection’ Premiere at Fantastic Fest

A few days ago, Allison’s new film ‘The Perfection premiered at the Fantastic Fest and from the comments I’ve read online, everyone has loved the film and praised the performances of Allison and her co-star, Logan Browning. I’ve added some photos of the premiere as well as the first promotional still of the film.

Dnwsde-UYAATJfF.jpg 42361300_10160877793100710_1228247628886573056_n.jpg Perfection_1.jpg the_perfection_still_1_approved_.jpg


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While we don’t have a trailer yet, we have discovered some new information about the plot of the film. Here is the main plot of the film and beneath the cut, you will find some reviews of the film. Let’s hope the films gets distribution soon.

10 years after abandoning her life as a cello prodigy to care for her ailing mother, Charlotte (Allison WilliamsGirls, Get Out) seeks out her mentor Anton (Steven Weber) and his new star pupil Lizzie (Logan BrowningDear White People) in order to witness the life she gave up. Once there, a twisted (and I mean twisted) plan is set in motion that will push all parties involved to their absolute limits.

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Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary

Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary

Hey guys! I haven’t forgot about this fansite, but in the last months news about Allison have been very slow. However, I finally bring an update! On Friday, Allison attended the 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren in New York and I have added some photos to the gallery.



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