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USA Today: Allison Williams is a new scream queen

USA Today: Allison Williams is a new scream queen

Allison did an interview and a photoshoot with USA Today. I’ve added the photos and you can read/watch the interview below.

“The Perfection” is only Williams’ second movie since the 2017 finale of HBO’s “Girls,” in which she made her TV breakthrough as the Type A Marnie. Her other film was also horror: playing the the deliciously deceitful girlfriend of Daniel Kaluuya’s character in Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning “Get Out.”

Williams, 31, chats with USA TODAY about her unexpected scream-queen status and why the cello was so hard to play, despite her two-month training.


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Photoshoots >> 2019 >>  USA TODAY
Allison for the New York Post

Allison for the New York Post

NY POST —  She’s played a millennial underminer on “Girls,” a flat-out psycho in “Get Out” and a chilling cellist in a new horror movie. Right now, though, actress Allison Williams is dreaming about going romantically old school.

“Something period. I love a period drama. I want to be on a horse in a corset. It could be Victorian. It could be ‘Poldark.’ It could even be ‘The Crown’ — maybe there’s a horse incident. Just a corset and a horse. Is that so much to ask?” she says with a laugh.

We’re discussing Williams’ ideal TV guest role over lunch at Freds Downtown in Barneys. It’s one of those April afternoons when the sun has come out, and it’s unexpectedly warm enough for sandals and bare legs, a day that makes being a diehard New Yorker really pay off. “I love watching everyone crawl out of their dens and lie out in the grass and bask in the spring of it all,” says Williams, clad in a soft gray T-shirt and wide-legged pink trousers.


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Photoshoots >> 2019 >> Alexa (The New York Post)
The cast of ‘Girls’ in Vogue Magazine

The cast of ‘Girls’ in Vogue Magazine

Allison Williams, Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet are in the January issue of Vogue US. The article is about the last season of the HBO hit show ‘Girls’. It’s also mostly about Lena Dunham as she was interviewed for the article. Here I’ll post the parts that mention Allison.

It’s been nearly five years since viewers were first introduced to Dunham’s small-screen alter ego, Hannah, the 24-year-old would-be writer whose blithe narcissism was matched only by her crushing anxiety. She and her friends presented a no-filter snapshot of middle-class millennial malaise: There was Shoshanna, the manic naïf played by Zosia Mamet; Jemima Kirke’s Jessa, the proverbial free spirit who arrives two hours late to a dinner in her honor “wearing some fabulous blanket-y dress from a Grecian marketplace”; and Allison Williams’s Marnie, the responsible, Ann Taylor–suited barometer by which the others’ haplessness was measured, her frustrations with them often mirroring the audience’s own.

But just when one wondered whether the characters were doomed to drown in their own solipsism, the show began expanding. By the time it came to its critically acclaimed fifth season, the girls were going to places we, and perhaps even Dunham, never anticipated: Shoshanna to Japan; Marnie to Chinatown, barefoot and brokenhearted.

“Marnie and I started out pretty similar and pretty quickly started diverging,” says Williams, curled on a couch with her castmates in a Red Hook studio for their second Vogue photo shoot, “but there have been some incredibly clean parallels, like having two weddings in one year—one of which was a completely epic disaster and ended in a pretty speedy divorce and infidelity.”

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The girls also featured in a photoshoot photographed by Norman Jean Roy. So far, there’s only one picture that you can find in the gallery. In 2012, when the show started the girls were also photographed by him in an article also for Vogue US. You can find that photoshoot also in the gallery.


Photoshoot >> 2016 >> Vogue US – Norman Jean Roy
Photoshoot >> 2012 >> Vogue US – Norman Jean Roy


Modern Luxury Article & Behind the Scenes Video

Modern Luxury Article & Behind the Scenes Video

Unlike Marnie, the snarky, entitled millennial with a penchant for eye rolling, who she’s played for five seasons on the zeitgeist-capturing HBO series Girls, Allison Williams, 27, is personable and charming. “People assume they’re going to hate me when they meet me, and I’m delighted to report that they don’t all hate me,” she says with a self-deprecating smile and gentle laugh. “Marnie’s cold, so they assume I’m going to judge them or talk sh*t about them.”

On the contrary, the New Canaan, Conn.-bred, Yale-educated daughter of newscaster Brian Williams is quick-witted, thoughtful, easy-going, gracious and kind. She’s a fixture on the red carpet, where she radiates in head-turners from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Dior, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Joseph Altuzarra (whose sheer dress she rocked as his date to the 2013 Met Gala). But when we meet at Fika, a coffee spot a few blocks from Williams’ Manhattan apartment, she’s dressed down in Pilates-ready athleticwear from Outdoor Voices, Lululemon and online retailer Carbon38, and a sweater from technical cashmere company Kit and Ace. “I am the paragon of high fashion today,” she jokes between sips of a double espresso with almond milk. “I’m wearing cartoonishly large black UGG boots, which I was recently paparazzi’ed in while taking my dog, Moxie, out first thing in the morning. That should be illegal. I was wearing pajama pants and [was] just so tired.”

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