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2016 MET Gala – ‘Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology”

2016 MET Gala – ‘Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology”

As we said before, Allison attended the 2016 MET Gala yesterday, in a custom Peter Pilotto dress. Thw whole look was coordinated by La Ligne NYC. She also wore Swarovski jewelry. The first batch of pictures has been added to our gallery – stay tuned as more are to be added soon:


Quick break from Horizons to discuss last night…a word about the hair, makeup and jewelry. Hair was a nest of fishtail braids with jewelry scattered throughout, dreamed up and executed by @rebekahforecast. The makeup was a berry lip with soft but rose-hued eyes and dewy skin by the master @gpcbeauty. The jewelry was a collaboration between @lalignenyc x @sorayasilchenstedt. Fun fact: I designed it! I wanted to use filament to make the bars look like floating parallel lines. Get it? Lines? La Ligne? Next, a word about the dress. And the dress…a creation by @peterpilotto styled and coordinated by my @lalignenyc ladies. The white flowers were 3-D printed appliqués (Machina), and we incorporated lines in the dress because, you know, La Ligne, and most of it was done by hand (Manus). Also – @swarovski crystals sprinkled throughout never hurts. LUCKY GIRL. ❤ I’m sorry to add any more Met for your Insta feeds!!


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Allison Williams hopes to avoid being typecast as Marnie

Allison Williams hopes to avoid being typecast as Marnie

In the hit HBO series “Girls,” actress Allison Williams plays Marnie Michaels, the high strung and often judgmental best friend of Hanna, played by Lena Dunham.

She’s had her ups and downs over the course of the show, but on the March 27 episode we got to see a different side of her often-polarizing character. The episode — titled “The Panic in Central Park” —  was entirely devoted to Marnie, her troubled marriage, and her reunion with former boyfriend, Charlie, who she hasn’t seen in years. The last time they met, Charlie told Marnie that he never loved her.

“Girls” is Allison Williams’ first substantial role as an actress. Her parents — her father is MSNBC news anchor Brian Williams — insisted she put off her acting career until after graduating college.

It was a rule she initially fought, but she told The Frame’s Oscar Garza that, as she got older, she began to see it as an advantage.


Your parents insisted that you wait to pursue acting until after college. What did you think of that rule?

[My parents] thought it was a good idea if I graduated from college before pursuing [acting] professionally because it gave me more time to become who I am. Some actors during summer jobs confirmed what [my parents] said.

So after finishing school, how long was it before the “Girls” opportunity came along, and how did you come to the attention of the producers? 

I slowly moved my things back into my childhood bedroom and was watching “Mad Men.” The theme song to “Mad Men” was getting so stuck in my head and … I talked to a friend of mine about putting lyrics to that song. I teamed up with a composer friend and we found out that “Nature Boy” by Nat King Cole fit snugly and, oddly, perfectly.

That video came out and it found its way onto many different websites, including Huffington Post, which I think is what Judd Apatow saw. He reached out to my agents and asked me to audition for the untitled Lena Dunham project at HBO. The audition was so different, and so fantastic. The room was filled with four women, which almost never happens. Lena was in there and we read scenes together.

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