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Website Update

Website Update

Hey guys!! I know I haven’t posted a lot on this website, and believe me, it’s not because I’m not interested or I don’t like Allison anymore. On the contrary, I adore Allison. However, there hasn’t been much news about her lately and that’s why I haven’t updated the website because there’s nothing to update. Nonetheless, I’ve been working these past few months and I’m planning a gallery update and yes, I will add some new old goodies.

While I check the website every day, you can easily contact me through Instagram. Also I post many photos and small news there, so check it out.

The Perfection – HD Screencaptures

The Perfection – HD Screencaptures

I have finally added the HD screencaptures of ‘The Perfection’ to the gallery but remember that the following images contain spoilers, so keep that in mind if you haven’t watched the film. You can stream ‘The Perfection’ right now on Netflix.

TRIGGER WARNING: Inside the album there are photos that contain extreme violence, blood, mutilation and partial nudity.

ThePerfection00015.png ThePerfection00094.png ThePerfection00247.png ThePerfection00378.png

ThePerfection00540.png ThePerfection00877.png ThePerfection01296.pngThePerfection02404.png

Who What Wear: Allison Williams Thinks It’s “Really Fun” Playing the Women You Hate

Who What Wear: Allison Williams Thinks It’s “Really Fun” Playing the Women You Hate

Ealy June gift, Allison is on the cover of Who What Wear and we have a new article and photoshoot. I absolutely adore these new photos, she looks better than ever and it’s just a beautiful set of photos. Check them out and also read the article below. Enjoy!

Before Allison Williams became known as TV’s cringiest hipster you love to hate, Marnie Michaels on Girls; or the most spine-chilling on-screen sociopath of 2017, Rose in Get Out; or the quasi-homicidal Charlotte in Netflix’s brand-new psychological thriller The Perfection, she was just a smiley-faced kid who loved to perform. “I was definitely a ham when I was younger,” Williams tells me as a server in crisp linens refills our iced teas at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, California. “Everyone around me was like, ‘Yep, that’s an actress. We are screwed.’”


14.jpg 3.jpg 10.jpeg5.jpg

Photoshoots >> 2019 >>  WHO WHAT WEAR
The Sunday Times: The Girls and Get Out Star Is No Longer the Smiley Ingenue

The Sunday Times: The Girls and Get Out Star Is No Longer the Smiley Ingenue

Allison is on the cover of The Sunday Times Style and not only we got a new gorgeous photoshoot but a great article/interview. She was photographed by Bjorn Iooss, which makes me so happy because he’s one of my current favorite photographers. You can check out the article and outtakes below! Enjoy!

People used to come up to Allison Williams in the street all the time, expectantly, certain they knew exactly what she would be like. They had watched her as Marnie Michaels from Girls and, because they knew the character, they felt like they really knew her. “It was a total familiarity thing. I’m Marnie’s age,” Williams says of the prim and privileged, tightly wound millennial. “So the people coming up to me were also my age. It felt like we could play the name game and we could come up with people that we knew in common. It always felt like, ‘Oh, you just went to SoulCycle and now you’re at [frozen yoghurt chain] 16 Handles and we get each other.’”


1.jpg 2.jpg5.jpg6.png

Photoshoots >> 2019 >>  THE SUNDAY TIMES