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Allison for the New York Post

Allison for the New York Post

NY POST —  She’s played a millennial underminer on “Girls,” a flat-out psycho in “Get Out” and a chilling cellist in a new horror movie. Right now, though, actress Allison Williams is dreaming about going romantically old school.

“Something period. I love a period drama. I want to be on a horse in a corset. It could be Victorian. It could be ‘Poldark.’ It could even be ‘The Crown’ — maybe there’s a horse incident. Just a corset and a horse. Is that so much to ask?” she says with a laugh.

We’re discussing Williams’ ideal TV guest role over lunch at Freds Downtown in Barneys. It’s one of those April afternoons when the sun has come out, and it’s unexpectedly warm enough for sandals and bare legs, a day that makes being a diehard New Yorker really pay off. “I love watching everyone crawl out of their dens and lie out in the grass and bask in the spring of it all,” says Williams, clad in a soft gray T-shirt and wide-legged pink trousers.


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