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Owner: Liliana
Site name: Allison Williams Web
Opened: January 20, 2016
Domains: http://allison-williams.org
Host: Flaunt.nu

The website opened on January 20, 2016. I had been a fan of Allison for several years before I decided to open this website. The first time I saw her was on the 2013 Emmys red carpet. I’m a huge fan of awards show, and like many I follow the coverage on Live from the Red Carpet on E! Allison wore a simple but gorgeous blue Calvin Klein dress and since then I started to track her on red carpet events. It was until the 2015 Golden Globes where she wore a beautiful red Oscar de la Renta gown that I decided to looked into her show.

Unlike most people, I enjoyed her character, although I have to admit that Elijah is my favorite character of Girls. I became a bigger fan when I found out she could sing and that she had starred on Peter Pan Live! I watched that and then I looked up to some of her interviews on YouTube which only made me love her more.

In late 2015, I was very into Girls and I decided to start a Tumblr about Allison but that’s when I realized that she didn’t have a fansite. I’ve been in the fansite community for some time now, probably since 2004 (when I was eleven) and I made the decision to start a website about her.

I’ll admit that I have neglected the website, but I always try to keep up with her news. I haven’t met Allison yet, even if she has been in my country (Mexico, to promote the last season of Girls) but I hope that one day I get the pleasure to meet her and tell her how much she inspires me.

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