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Patrick Melrose – Screencaptures and Stills

On Saturday was the premiere of ‘Patrick Melrose’ on Showtime and I must say I was blown away by the first episode. This is the only episode where Allison appears, she played Marianne. She did an amazing job, and I wish we could know more about her character. I’ve uploaded screencaptures and new stills to the gallery, so check them out!

Patrick-Melrose-Allison-Williams-as-Marianne-d89db86.jpg new.jpg GA-01-PatrickMelrose-S01.JPG31517388_1815737255152588_2545675460491083776_n.jpg

patrickmelrose00007.png patrickmelrose00064.pngpatrickmelrose00153.png patrickmelrose00179.png


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