• She’s the only member of the “Girls” cast without a tattoo — and she doesn’t plan to get inked. Ever.
  • She’s obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Refuses to sleep in her makeup.
  • She’s a huge Kanye West fan.
  • She loves Uber. “My goal in the near future is to be the highest rated Uber passenger. I would love to get a great Uber rating so that the second I request something a car service shows up. It would be a delight.”
  • She once contemplated a side career in assembling furniture.
  • She’ll never Google herself.
  • NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams is Allison’s father
  • YouTube star Sam Tsui gave her big break.
  • Married to Ricky Van Veen co-founder of College Humor.
  • Tom Hanks officiated her wedding.
  • Starred in a professionally-made YouTube video titled Mad Men Theme Song With a Twist. She sang Nature Boy to the tune of the hit show’s theme song.
  • Williams told the Huffington Post that Judd Apatow, an executive producer for Girls whose film resume includes Superbad and Knocked Up, called a few days after the video aired and asked her to audition for the show.
  • Was barely out of diapers when she realized she wanted to be an actress, but her folks wouldn’t let her do it full-time until she got a degree.
  • Graduated from Yale University.