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On October 29th, Allison Williams will read the role of Ali MacGraw in the live reading of “I Believe in America.” This is an event by the Black List annual survey of the “most liked” motion picture screenplays not yet produced.

The screenplay pulls back the curtain on the making of THE GODFATHER to reveal, in page-turning fashion, that the minds behind the film were every bit as cunning and ruthless as the fictitious mobsters onscreen.

Here’s the information for the event:

 Saturday, Oct 29, 2016
 8:00PM – 10:00PM
 The SVA Theatre
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The trailer of Allison’s first movie, Get Out has come out and it looks great. I’m so proud of Allison and we see a bit of her character in the trailer. The film still has no release date, but keep checking the website for more updates.

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Like I said in the previous post, I was away for a few months and I missed some events Allison attended and also some old photoshoots I needed to update. Here’s the first part of the major update as now the gallery is complete with 2016 so far.

However, I will update previous years this month as finish the screencaps of Girls previous seasons.







Public Appearances >> 2016 >> 150th Anniversary of Breyer’s Ice Cream

Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Girls Press Conference

Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Visiting Broadway

Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Sully Premiere in NYC

Public Appearances >> 2016 >> Jonathan Saunders First Collection for DVF

Photoshoot >> 2016 >> Entertainment Weekly’s

Photoshoot >> 2016 >> Keds 100th Anniversary

Photoshoot >> 2016 >> Keds Champion Collection

Photoshoot >> 2016 >> Vogue

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After being away for a few months due school problems, I’ve changed the look of the website and the gallery. For the websites I used a photo of Allison from her Modern Luxury photoshoot. The theme is quite clean and simple. For the gallery, I used one of my favorites photographs of Allison from her Allure photoshoot. Both themes are premades by Umitohoshi. I’m also in the process to update the gallery.

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Like her character Marnie Michaels on Girls, Allison Williams has had her fair share of awkward moments. In a recent podcast interview, she shared the story of her first period, and we’re all still squirming… in a totally loving, empathetic way.


“Between 7th and 8th grade, I went on a trip to France for a summer on an exchange thing. I got all the brochures, I begged my parents, I probably wrote an essay about why I should go on this trip, what it would mean to me. My parents were like, ‘this feels like we’re just putting money into a garbage disposal, but… we’ll see.’ And I loved French and I loved France and I wanted to see the country. And so I went with this group of kids and the flight we took was [an] overnight flight to France, which, of course, was my first experience, and it’s a bunch of 7th and 8th graders. And so, no one sleeps the whole flight; they’re just up talking, and it was a blast.


“So we land, and we get to the hostel, and I go to the bathroom, and I had shat myself. And I was like, ‘That’s so weird because I didn’t feel this happen. And I didn’t know, and usually you know [when you shit yourself].’” Finally, she decides, “Alright, we’ll chalk that one up to first day camp nerves, weird overnight flight, it’s all good.

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As we said before, Allison attended the 2016 MET Gala yesterday, in a custom Peter Pilotto dress. Thw whole look was coordinated by La Ligne NYC. She also wore Swarovski jewelry. The first batch of pictures has been added to our gallery – stay tuned as more are to be added soon:


Quick break from Horizons to discuss last night…a word about the hair, makeup and jewelry. Hair was a nest of fishtail braids with jewelry scattered throughout, dreamed up and executed by @rebekahforecast. The makeup was a berry lip with soft but rose-hued eyes and dewy skin by the master @gpcbeauty. The jewelry was a collaboration between @lalignenyc x @sorayasilchenstedt. Fun fact: I designed it! I wanted to use filament to make the bars look like floating parallel lines. Get it? Lines? La Ligne? Next, a word about the dress. And the dress…a creation by @peterpilotto styled and coordinated by my @lalignenyc ladies. The white flowers were 3-D printed appliqués (Machina), and we incorporated lines in the dress because, you know, La Ligne, and most of it was done by hand (Manus). Also – @swarovski crystals sprinkled throughout never hurts. LUCKY GIRL. ❤ I’m sorry to add any more Met for your Insta feeds!!


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Here’s the first look of Allison at the MET Gala, wearing Peter Pilotto and Brian Atwood shoes. Her amazing nails were done by Pattie Yankee. Stay tune to see all the photos!

Allison+Williams+Manus+x+Machina+Fashion+Age+d49OGWP3JIRx Allison+Williams+Manus+x+Machina+Fashion+Age+pDR3csgNRXCx

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Allison attended the 3rd Annual College Signing Day where she proudly wore a Yale University shirt.


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